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New flower pillow design


Second Semester Thesis has proven to be a stressful and chaotic process. I’ve redone just about everything a million times but I finally finalized this pillow design.

Final Bowl Design


Oh man, everything for Thesis has gone through so many changes but I think I finally settled on a bowl design. Everything’s finally coming together. (I hope!)

Bowl Mock-Ups


Finally I got these done! I think for some reason I thought I should wait so I kept putting them off, but here are the mock up designs for the bowls that will be matched with the tablecloth.

Tablecloth In Progress #2

fiber arts

The vines didn’t work out. I loved them and I loved the girls but not together. Here’s my second attempt. My roommate thinks the flowers need to look a little more 3D. 3D however has never been my strong suit. I think I’m headed in the right direction I just wish it wasn’t taking so long. In the mean time, I’ve been watching Craig’s List like a hawk trying to get just the right kitchen table to display my work on for commencement. I had one and it was perfect and for some reason they gave it away before I could pick it up. I was not happy.

I’ve been doing some tests to see how the transfer to fabric can be done and so far I like the middle one. Unfortunately though it’s not machine washable because I used Micron.

Thesis : Tablecloth in progress

fiber arts

Maybe not progress…maybe more like preliminary stage. I’m having a rough time with this one but I want to make it count so I’m being a perfectionist. My biggest problem is I don’t know how I want to actually make it. Digitally print? paint? screenprint? micron? I’m not too sure. I’ve been doing a lot of samples and so far I think I’m liking the micron best for the linework, I just have to be careful not to let it bleed, however, then I’m unsure how to get the vinework looking good. This is rough!

Here’s a sample of the digital version:

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