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Marché Rue Dix in Crown Heights

I hope you all had a a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of warmth and love because the temperature outside today is one cold slap in the face. But of course, that didn’t stop us from getting brunch this morning. Cent’Anni is our usual brunch spot in Brooklyn, with their $5 mimosas, eggs ragu, and homemade pasta, we’re usually too satisfied to go anywhere else. But since I had just happened to be there the night before, it seemed appropriate to venture out– but not too far! it’s too cold! It amazes me that as small as Crown Heights is, there seems to always be something new to do. New restaurants and boutiques waiting around every corner just waiting to be discovered. This morning we ventured over to Cafe Rue Dix, French-Senegalese cafe, bar, and restaurant. We didn’t order much, but the coffee was rather good. Their coffee bar and homemade pastries and breads looked especially impressive. Although we didn’t order pastries, we ordered the hummus which came with a homemade warm pita bread and if the rest of their homemade breads are anything like their pita bread, then I’ll take the lot. Seriously, this hummus. I’m going to be dreaming about this hummus. Basil and chopped kalamata olives, I am sold. But what really inspired me to post today is the little treat that waited for us after brunch. When the waitress gave us our check, she included a little postcard advertising Cafe Rue Dix’s vintage and new clothing store located directly next to the restaurant. Yes, being outside was torture, but we managed to make it ten feet to Marché Rue Dix, and I’m glad we did. This amazing little store was so inspiring, with their modern displays, custom iron fixtures, and vintage items mixed with new items made by local designers. Just look at these pictures.

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marcheruedix (6 of 6)


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