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Tablecloth In Progress #2

fiber arts

The vines didn’t work out. I loved them and I loved the girls but not together. Here’s my second attempt. My roommate thinks the flowers need to look a little more 3D. 3D however has never been my strong suit. I think I’m headed in the right direction I just wish it wasn’t taking so long. In the mean time, I’ve been watching Craig’s List like a hawk trying to get just the right kitchen table to display my work on for commencement. I had one and it was perfect and for some reason they gave it away before I could pick it up. I was not happy.

I’ve been doing some tests to see how the transfer to fabric can be done and so far I like the middle one. Unfortunately though it’s not machine washable because I used Micron.

Thesis : Tablecloth in progress

fiber arts

Maybe not progress…maybe more like preliminary stage. I’m having a rough time with this one but I want to make it count so I’m being a perfectionist. My biggest problem is I don’t know how I want to actually make it. Digitally print? paint? screenprint? micron? I’m not too sure. I’ve been doing a lot of samples and so far I think I’m liking the micron best for the linework, I just have to be careful not to let it bleed, however, then I’m unsure how to get the vinework looking good. This is rough!

Here’s a sample of the digital version:

Embroidery : Scandinavian Houses

fiber arts

I was doing some research and I came upon these beautiful pictures of a Scandinavian village.

I wanted to do something with them and then I remembered that I had been wanting to play around with embroidery again so I did a little experimenting. I didn’t have as many colors as I would’ve liked because I used a lot of my embroidery floss when I made my Marni doll. But I managed well I think.

I’d forgotten how relaxing embroidery was. I’m trying to figure out how I can incorporate it into my thesis. I’m thinking of just doing a bunch of “embroidery paintings”.

The Rachel Bracelet

fiber arts

Yay!! First project of the summer! I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and I really wanted to give it a go. I’m very picky with jewelry so making my own has always been a good solution for me but I don’t usually get around to doing it.
This bracelet is the first of (hopefully) many to come. If I can make enough of them I’m planning to sell them at Art Market this year and then perhaps on my website!

Speaking of my website…I’ve been working on it since school ended and it should be up any day now.

Crochet Blanket

fiber arts

Finally! Some fibers work on here. I need to get my camera working so I can post more things like this.

Eleni and I crocheted this blanket for Colin’s birthday (which was last month) and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. My life feels empty without it now, I think I may start a new one soon with different colors.

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