Spring is Here !(?)


Despite having just had one of New York City’s biggest snow storms in years, Spring has already started to set in Gap Baby! It also just happens to be one of my favorite collections of the season. Inspired by blooming warm weather and fun activities at the country club, this collection has bright colorful florals mixed with modern sporty patterns.

My favorite is these adorable tennis girls on this collared tennis dress. Hand-painted in watercolor, these ladies show all the fierceness owned by all little girls.

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Collared Tennis Dress

Watermelon One-Piece

Gap Floral Hoodie

Embroidered Cable Cardigan

Pelican Swim Trunks

Snowy Day Sketching


Yesterday was the day storm Jonas hit NYC and the rest of the east coast. We spent the day watching Fargo season two and making chili! I also was a good little artist for a second and did some doodling. Here’s a little taste of my snowy day makings.

Laurel twig | Steph Devino

Holiday 2015 at Gap


I can’t believe it’s already been over a year since I started working for Gap! Four seasons in, I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things. Thanksgiving is officially over and you know what that means–– Christmas shopping has begun. I’m proud to say some of my prints, intarsias and embroideries have already set in the Gap store. I’ve added the majority of my pieces to my Portfolio section of my website, but here are a few of my favorite items from this season. Don’t forget to stop in to the stores this season and check them out for yourself!


Floral Pleated Top

Floral Embroidered Dress

Floral Embroidered Dress | Gap


Penguin Knit Blanket

Fairisle Shift Dress

Fairisle Shift Dress | Gap

Lindsay Hackney Photography

other artists

It’s been a crazy past few weeks at Gap. Finishing up Spring 2016 was extra challenging, after the company laid off over 250 employees last month, resulting in rearranging of roles and responsibilities, everyone had to adjust to a new way of working. I’m very aware of how fortunate I am to still have my job, and I give all the departed employees all the best luck in the world. They are all talented, hardworking people who I know will prosper with what ever they decide to do. Despite the challenge, the kids/baby team did an incredible job coming together to finish an amazing collection for next spring. I could not be more proud. Since I started working at Gap, I constantly have flashbacks to art school, where professors encouraged us to seek jobs where we would be our own bosses, or work for ourselves, because working for a corporation would never be as satisfying. Admittedly, this is probably true. And my first few jobs out of college helped to encourage this idea. But working with my team at Gap has brought me new hope. It has showed me that when companies truly care about their employees’ happiness, wellbeing, and basic need to thrive in their roles, they create a sustainable environment for people to grow a prospering creative force. Everyday, I am blown away at the talent and skill I see from everyone around me. It feels like an honor and a privilege just to be a part of it. That being said, I know my corporate situation is the exception, not the rule. I love the surge in small businesses we’re seeing today. If it continues, I see a happier, more sustainable, much more interesting America in our future.

One individual, who is currently working for themselves, is my sister, Lindsay Hackney. I wanted to write this post to feature her new Photography blog. In a small amount of time, she’s managed to create a really inspiring portfolio. Eventually, she plans to turn her attention toward wedding and engagement photography. You can already see some examples on her site, Lindsay Hackney.

Lindsay Hackney Photography

Lindsay Hackney Photography

Lindsay Hackney Photography

Lindsay Hackney Photography

Spring is almost here


And you know what that means– florals. Lots and lots of florals. They may be a tad overdone at times, but I never really seem to get sick of them. They are a staple in the print and pattern world. Design for Spring 2016 still hasn’t quite started at Gap, but we’re all done with Holiday, so it’s that weird inbetween seasons time where all the designers scrounge Pinterest for inspiration to get their brains in gear for the upcoming months. I’ve been pinning away for the past two weeks, I think my Pinterest page has probably had enough of me already, so I needed to take a break and play around for a while.


It feels good to just play around with patterns without the pressure of designing for a customer. This one is pretty girly. I’m not a pink person, as in, I don’t particularly love the color pink, but I’m ok with it because in this print it’s paired with that mossy green color that I love so much.

Apple Blossoms | by Steph Devino


I love the look of vintage prints, so I often find myself trying to achieve a worn look or using a softer, older looking palette. I always prefer neutrals over super bright primary colors. To me, neutrals are much more mysterious, they’re not putting everything out there like primaries or neons. Yes, I’m talking about colors having personalities.

I’m very excited to say that I’m purchasing a new camera this week, which means much nicer pictures to upload! I’ve downloaded Lightroom and I’m all ready to go. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing a lot more photos here in the future.

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